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Scrubs for All Body Types

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Medical uniforms don’t have to look shabby and large; no one wants to appear as if swimming in fabric. Nursing scrubs are designed for medical professionals in order to maintain a clean, sterile environment.

History of scrubs: Back in the day, nursing scrubs became popular in the 1970’s when doctors realized the fabric was more hygienic and easier to clean; the fabric minimizes places for bacteria and other contaminants to hide.

Why they are worn: These uniforms are worn in order to prevent the spread of diseases and germs between patients and between staff and patients, as well as visitors. In the event of staining or damage, scrubs are easy to replace because the fabric is not costly.

Benefits of scrubs: Scrubs help medical facilities and staff to look more uniform as well as made medical professionals easy to spot by patients and visitors. Some university hospitals will even choose scrubs to match their school colors, while other specialized hospital teams will wear different colors to differentiate themselves from other staff.

How to buy scrubs for your body type:
For women, there are four basic body types, and each type is catered towards a different style of nursing scrubs. Before you buy scrubs, assess which body type you have.

  1. Body Type 1 Large chest with broad shoulders means your have an upside-down triangular-shaped body. Try to shy away from wearing tight tops because this could make you very uncomfortable after a long work shift. It will also not be very flattering because the fabric will bunch up in odd places. However, don’t choose scrubs that are too baggy. Instead, choose a V-neck top, but avoid the prints and stick with darker colors. For the pants, they should be fitted but not too tight.
  2. Body Type 2 Narrow shoulders and wider hips means you have a right-side-up triangular-shaped body. If you have more weight on your hips and/or thighs, wear a printed top to direct people’s gaze upwards. Layer a printed hip-length jacket over a solid-colored boatneck or scoop-neck cut top would also be flattering. A solid color for the pants will help complete the look.
  3. Body Type 3 Athletic builds, slim figures, or generally narrow torso means you have a square-shaped body. Prints can also be flattering on those who have a narrow build — layering is also perfectly fine. Try out a short-sleeve jacket and a long-sleeve tee to create a bit more curvature in your figure. Added ruching or other materials is also a great look for an athletically built body. For the pants, flared scrubs are best to create more curves.
  4. Body Type 4 An hourglass shape is if you have a larger chest and wider hips with a smaller waist. This type of body would look best in flared pants with a scoop neck tee shirt with small patterns. V-necks are also a great option that will enhance your figure. Adding a nipped-waist jacket to your V-neck top will fit your waist perfectly. When determining the pants, straight-legged would be best.

Keep in mind that not everyone will fit exactly into these four categories, but determining your shape should be helpful. Check out nursing scrubs for sale at online scrubs stores, there are bound to be plenty of uniforms to choose from. See this link for more references.

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