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How to Get the Best Skin Care For You

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Nearly 85% of people suffer from acne at some point during their lives, with an estimated 40 million to 50 million people currently affected in the United States alone. Acne is a skin condition most commonly associated with adolescence: accordingly, by their mid-teens, more than 40% of teenagers have acne or acne scarring. However, adults also often require acne treatment products and procedures; likewise, there are a variety of other skin problems that can affect people, causing them to seek out everything from varicose vein laser treatment to skin cancer treatment methods. But regardless of the skin condition, the best skin care is often found at a dermatologist clinic.

The U.S. dermatology industry currently consists of an estimated 7,575 offices and has generated an estimated $11 billion in revenue. Clinical professionals who specialize in this area have been trained to treat a variety of skin conditions, for both cosmetic and medical purposes, and have also experienced treating skin disorders firsthand. For example, skin cancer is an extremely common condition which affects an estimated 1 in 5 Americans at some point during their lifetime; because of this, every skin dermatologist will likely have to perform treatment for skin cancer at some point during their career, typically through surgery, radiotherapy, and occasionally through chemotherapy. They will also see some rare disorders, such as candida infections of the skin or Kaposi’s sarcoma, which form as a result of the weakened immune systems that are caused by conditions such as HIV or AIDS. However, dermatologist are much more likely to see conditions like acne or psoriasis, which can often be treated with topical products, pills, or laser and light therapy. In these cases, a good dermatologist will be aware that the best skin care treatment is one formulated to an individual patient’s health, specific experience of the skin condition, and overall lifestyle.

If you have skin problems, its likely you’ve tried a wide number of products to get the beautiful, healthy skin you want. However, if nothing has worked well, it may be time for the best solutions the dermatology industry can offer. Contact a local dermatologist clinic in your area to schedule an appointment and get the best skin care for you. Helpful info also found here.

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