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Increase Focus and Concentration in Children and Adults

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How can you increase focus and concentration? Often times having an issue focusing and concentrating are results of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There are several ways to increase focus and concentration through medicine with no side effects, a natural supplement for ADD, and herbal treatment for ADHD. Many people prefer natural remedies for ADHD in kids. However, many parents give their kids Ritalin, but it is a short acting stimulant and can often wear off during transition times. Medication for ADHD can cause tension, frequent headaches, and discomfort.

Approximately 11% of all U.S. children have been diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. About 8.4% of boys ages 3-17 are diagnosed with ADHD. Averaged, there are one to three students suffering from ADHD in the typical classroom of 30 students. These students need to increase focus and concentration because 30% of students who are not diagnosed with ADHD and are struggling have failed or had to repeat a year of grade school.

Approximately 8 million U.S. adults currently deal with ADHD, have other issues and cannot increase focus and concentration. This is an estimated 1.21% of all Americans who are struggling with ADHD. ADHD can also cause low self esteem, depression, and poor work performance in both adults and children. Research performed by NIMH found that two-thirds of people diagnosed with ADHD have other conditions such as learning disabilities and anxiety.

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