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The Case For Urgent Care

There are many questions to ask when considering visiting an urgent care center near you. What is urgent care for? What does urgent care treat? How much is a urgent care visit? All of these questions are important, especially for those who traditional venues for healthcare have become prohibitively expensive, particularly those who do not have health insurance. Many people…

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Tips to Help Seniors Beat the Heat

Summer heat is a huge issue for everyone in the summer months, affecting even the most healthy young people. The elderly however, are at an even higher risk for heat-related illnesses. The problem is, as people get older, they become less able to feel their body temperature rising, which leaves the elderly susceptible to heat stroke or exhaustion. The other…

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Urgent care locations best option for sports-related injuries

Now that summer is in full swing, adults and kids alike are hitting the beach, trails and parks for fun-in-the-sun sports activities. But did you know that an estimated 12 million children, teens and young adults suffer a sports-related injury per year? For you parents out there, that’s 20 million lost days of school! Those sports-related injuries can add up,…

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