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A Look At Mental Health And Therapy Here In The United States

From family therapy to seeing a psychotherapist for one on one counseling, there are many reasons to seek out the services of a therapist here in the United States. Actually, many people feel that just about anyone can benefit from going to therapy – something that most therapists will agree with. Therapy can help you to understand your mind better, to understand your disorder (if you have one), and to seek peace and a better future.

In cases of family therapy, difficult family issues can be worked through. It is not uncommon for family therapy to tackle issues such as divorce or even abuse. Family therapy can include the entire family or even just a few members. If one member of the family is going through a period of immense struggle, family therapy can help the others in the family to communicate with him or her more successfully. All in all, family therapy can certainly be ideal in many different ways.

And, of course, family therapy is far from the only type of therapy out there. In addition to family therapy, talk therapy for one on one counseling is also quite helpful for many people. It can be particularly beneficial for those who are struggling with a anxiety issues, a common affliction here in the United States. In fact, anxiety disorders, which can range from OCD to social anxiety disorder to Generalized Anxiety Disorder (also known as GAD), are the most common form of mental illness out there, more common even than depression.

Seeking help for extreme levels of anxiety is nothing that anyone should feel ashamed about, though only half of all people with various forms of mental illness have currently sought treatment for their problems. A course of therapy and even medication can help people with anxiety disorders to come to terms with their disorder – and to learn how to deal with even the most stressful of all situations in a productive way. The coping skills that can be obtained through therapy are invaluable for many a patient.

Of course, depression is still hugely commonplace as well. The numbers that have been gathered on the subject show this quite clearly, showing us that as many as 350 million people are living with some level and form of depression not just here in the United States, but all throughout the world as a whole. In addition to this, as many as 16 million adults here in the United States will suffer from one major depressive episode over the course of a single year, according to data that was gathered in the year of 2012. In total, this makes up very nearly 7% of the adult population of this country, something that is quite significant indeed.

And not only adults are dealing with mental illnesses like anxiety disorders and depression and beyond. In fact, more than 10% of all people will have been diagnosed with depression by the time that they exit their adolescent years. In some cases, depression can even be diagnosed in very young children. Treating these cases can be difficult, but getting treatment for mental health issues early on can help these children to grow up to lead full, happy, and wholly productive lives.

Of course, couples counseling is also quite common and can be equally as important as family therapy, if not even more so. There are many reasons for a couple to seek counseling to work on their relationship, but many will do so when one part of the couple (or even both) has been unfaithful. Unfortunately, affairs can be quite commonplace, with the typical affair lasting for, on average, a staggering two years in its entirety. Finding out your partner or spouse has had an affair can be really and truly devastating, and many people struggle to recover from such a blow.

Seeking out couples therapy might be the only way to save the relationship in many a situation regarding infidelity. Fortunately, many couples even in the worst of places as a partnership have found couples counseling with the help of a licensed therapist to be hugely impactful indeed. In many cases, counseling services save relationships.

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