Using Fall Protection Equipment to Safeguard Your Health

Falling on the job is a huge risk that can result in disastrous outcomes and impact mental and physical health. Workers need to ensure that they have the best equipment to help prevent injuries. The problem is that many companies don’t understand why protection is necessary. Luckily, the YouTube channel Oregon Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) demonstrates proper safety procedures.

Know How to Use Fall Protection Equipment
Fall protection equipment is crucial to every person working in the construction worker industry. The problem is that many who are going into the profession have no idea how to keep safe when working.

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Following strict guidelines and getting high-quality protective gear is key.

Putting On Fall Protection Harnesses
A fall protection harness is one of the best pieces of equipment. Workers must safely secure themselves to the device, which protects them from a fall. Falling from any height can be dangerous, which is why it’s so important to take all the safety measures. Once secured, workers will no longer need to feel anxious about falls.

The Bottom Line
Fall protection is regulated pretty heavily, and many companies end up laying off people who don’t want to learn to be respectful and safe. That being said, so much more goes into fall protection. If you or anyone you know isn’t using protective gear, report them immediately.

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