How an Appointment With Upright MRI Machinery Should Go

Healthcare is an important part of everyone’s life; in most cases, many people won’t ever need an MRI scan. MRI scans have garnered a bad reputation, as they can be loud and cause patients to feel claustrophobic. Luckily, there are new MRI scans, such as the upright version. The YouTube channel RAYUS Radiology informs potential patients about what they can expect when using the machine.

What to Expect At Your Appointment
Patients can expect to have a pre-evaluation to determine if an MRI scan is right for them.

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Generally, doctors will ask various questions to ensure the patient’s safety when getting a scan. After that, they will schedule an appointment, and you’ll be asked to change into a robe. During the upright MRI, patients can watch TV while they sit and the machine scans.

Is Upright MRI Machinery Better?
Upright MRIs were mainly designed for those who couldn’t lie on their backs or patients who were claustrophobic. Upright MRIs are better because they aren’t as noisy, allow a comfortable sitting position, and a patient can watch TV to distract them. 

Upright MRIs machinery is a newer technology, and while the appointment process is similar to that of a regular MRI scan, there are some key differences, such as the noise level and the position. We strongly encourage you to inquire with your healthcare provider about the availability of upright MRIs in your area. Your active involvement in your healthcare decisions is crucial.

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