What to Expect When Staying at a Long-Term Medical Center

This video is a great resource for anyone considering the residency program at Boston Medical Center. The host (a resident physician) takes you on a tour of their experience. She highlights what makes BMC such a fantastic place to train future doctors.

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Right off the bat, she emphasizes BMC’s dedication to health equity and social justice.

They’re a safety net hospital, meaning they cater to a diverse population, many of whom face economic and social challenges. The residency program here equips you to be a well-rounded doctor. That way, you treat medical conditions and consider the broader context of patients’ lives. BMC is a level-one trauma center that helps you gain experience in various medical specialties.

As such, you’ll have all the resources to thrive. BMC has social workers, interpreters, addiction treatment programs, and even a food bank to support both patients and residents. The video also captures the strong sense of community at BMC. You’ll notice that the residency program fosters a collaborative atmosphere. So, you’ll feel supported by your fellow residents and faculty.

Plus, BMC’s a world-class research institution, so if that’s your thing, you’ll have ample opportunities to collaborate with experienced researchers. You can even snag funding for your projects. Overall, the video paints a very positive picture of the residency program at BMC. If you’re looking for a program that champions social justice, offers top-notch training, and fosters a strong sense of community – check out the center.


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