What Does an Audiologist Do?

While you may be familiar with general practitioners, dentists, and other types of doctors, you may not know what an audiologist does. In this article, we will look at a few things you can expect from an audiologist.

Audiologists most commonly help with issues related to hearing. You may have had your hearing evaluated by an audiologist as a child.

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If you’re older, they can help diagnose hearing loss and prescribe hearing aids.

One thing that may surprise you is the fact that audiologists also observe and diagnose balancing issues. This is because your ability to balance is related to your ears, and if there is a problem with your ears you may begin to lose your balance. Vertigo is a condition treated by audiologists that is related to balance.

To be a doctor of audiology you need to go to medical school, and you will probably need a doctorate in audiology to practice. Once you have your degree it is common to complete a residency before working on your own as a full-time doctor.

Do you have more questions about audiology or about doctors of audiology? For more information, please see the linked video.


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