Removing a Dangerous Tree Yourself

This video by Ask This Old House addresses how to remove a dangerous tree. Unlike some home improvement tasks, tree removal is not an easy DIY project. Many homeowners choose to leave the project to a professional. This video is not a DIY how-to video, rather, it centers on professional tree removal.

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Watch as the video takes you through the steps it takes to remove a dangerous tree. The narrator of the video explains the safety steps that are taken to remove a tree that is dangerous. Learn about the safety equipment that tree removal professional uses to protect themselves during this risky job. It is fascinating to watch the proper way to remove a tree that is leaning toward a home.

This video shows as the tree is sectioned off and cut down piece by piece. The video explains how you can determine whether a tree needs to be cut down or not. This is a highly informative video that every homeowner with trees on their property should watch. The professionals in this video will help all homeowners gain insight into what steps need to be taken to safely remove dangerous trees.

Check out this video to learn more about the steps taken to remove a dangerous tree safely. .

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