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Addiction Is One Of America’s Most Severe Health Issues Why You Should Call A Rehab Detox Center

Addiction isn’t something you have to live with forever.

This can come as a surprise when you’re in the thick of it. While being addicted changes your brain chemistry, your symptoms can be reduced significantly with the help of a rehab detox center. Designed to tackle the issue from the inside out, the detox system can work on a variety of addictions. The best family doctor will also take a look at the root cause of addiction and make sure you are equipped with the right resources to move forward. Oftentimes, it’s the first step that’s the hardest.

What does alcoholism treatment look like? How can you improve your quality of life reliably? Knowledge is power, so arm yourself by reading the basic overview of rehab detox below.

Addiction Is Seen Throughout In The United States

You may know several people in your life who are struggling with addiction. This remains one of the biggest health issues facing Americans today, both adult and child. It’s so common that it can easily be overlooked as someone going through a ‘stressful period’ or being a ‘party animal’. When you suspect you can’t get through the week without turning to painkillers or alcohol, it’s time to reach out and ask for help. A recent survey revealed more than 7% of the population over the age of 18 (that’s 14 million people) has a drinking problem.

Alcoholism Is The Most Common Form Of Addiction

While you can become addicted to several things — including hobbies — alcoholism remains the most common. An oft-cited reason for this is the glorification of drinking culture in mainstream media. Alcoholism is now considered the third deadliest disease in the United States, right alongside heart disease and Alzheimer’s. The sooner you reach out to a rehab detox center, the better off you’ll be. It’s estimated alcohol addiction patients receive treatment eight years after the age they start heavily drinking.

Dependency On Drugs Is A Symptom, Not A Cause

Addiction isn’t done for the sake of it: it’s a response to another pain and an attempt to self-medicate. Detox doctors frequently find patients with addiction also struggling with mental illness, grief, poor self-image, chronic pain, or several of the above. ADHD is a mental illness starting to see more and more diagnoses over the years. Not just a childhood disorder, nearly 5% of American adults today face ADHD regularly. Boys, unfortunately, are also three more times as likely to be diagnosed than girls.

Acute Withdrawal And Overdose Are Serious Problems

It’s essential to seek out a rehab detox center to keep addiction from spiraling out of control. The worst case scenarios include acute withdrawal, a phase that can last between three to five days. PAWS, short for ‘post acute withdrawal syndrome’, is a severe condition that can last for a year or longer. To date, drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Back in 2015 over 52,000 lethal drug overdoses occurred across several demographics.

The Rehab Detox Center Is Proven To Help Thousands Every Year

Addiction can seem like the only part of your reality that’s consistent. Push back with the aid of a rehab detox center designed to deconstruct the issue. The detoxing process will lighten the load considerably, even if you’ve been struggling with addiction for years, and is supplemented by additional resources. Emotional support animals, group therapy, and weight loss programs can add even more help to encourage your best. Your first course of action should be to call your local family practice and ask for a check-up.

There’s more to you than just addiction. Seek out help at a rehab detox center this week.

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