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A Cardiologist is the Expert to See To Manage Heart Health!

A cardiologist is the specialty doctor that focuses on providing care for your heart. They monitor heart function, treat heart disease and help patients to make lifestyle adjustments to protect their heart function.

There is a misconception that a cardiologist is a doctor that you see only if you have had some sort of heart event. You can make a cardiology appointment to check your heart if you have family history of heart disease or if you suspect an issue. You do not have to wait for an event.

Treating Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is a serious condition that requires specialty care. One of the best things you can do to treat heart disease is to practice early intervention with a cardiologist Seaford DE. The time to seek help from a cardiologist is when you first notice symptoms including:

  • Experiencing shortness of breath
  • Pains in the chest, jaw, neck or left arm
  • If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • A family history or heart disease

If you are experiencing shortness of breath a cardiologist can run the testing to determine if the problem is stemming from your heart function. There are tests that can give the doctor the information that they need to make an accurate diagnosis.

Pains in the Chest, Neck and Jaw

Research has shown that symptoms of heart problems can be different for men and women. Men typically feel more of the pain in their chest, while women typically feel more of the problem in their neck and jaw.

If you are experiencing any of these pains, especially after exercise, it is time to see a specialist. Of course, if these pains come on suddenly or are acute, you need to get medical attention fast.

High Blood Pressure and Family History of Heart Disease

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure it is a good idea to meet with a cardiologist and have a workup done for your heart function. There is nothing set in stone that if you have high blood pressure your heart has problems, but you are at a higher risk.

Family history of heart disease also increases your risk of having heart problems. Having a cardiologist on board that can monitor your heart function is a good idea.

Cardiovascular Disease and Women

As many women as men die from cardiovascular disease, as a matter of fact, it is the number one killer of women. Womens health services for women at risk should include an annual visit to a trusted cardiologist. The same way annual gynecology appointments are considered mandatory, so should be taking care of your heart!

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