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Does Your Child Need to See a Hearing Specialist?

Hearing loss is most prevalent with the elderly or people who don’t take care of their hearing in general, but the condition can also affect young children. You can test hearing in your young child even if they are not fully verbal yet, as there are ways to test that don’t involve direct communication.

If your child is having issues with hearing, their pediatrician will likely refer you to a pediatric audiology clinic. This clinic will give your child an accurate diagnosis while bringing you some answers as a parent. Since up to three in every one thousand children will experience some type of noticeable hearing loss in their lives, it’s not uncommon for a pediatric audiology clinic to find and diagnose an issue.

Here are signs your child should see a specialist. Does your child need to see a hearing specialist? Use this guide, along with the concerns of your pediatrician, to guide you.

Your Child Has Recurring Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in children and are among the top reasons why children are taken to the doctor. Recurring ear infections can cause damage to the eardrum and cause scar tissue to affect hearing. A pediatric ENT or hearing specialist can diagnose your child and recommend hearing aids or other treatments.

Your Child Has a Genetic Predisposition

Are you or the other parent of your child hard of hearing? Do you have hearing aids and worry about your hearing loss being passed down to your child? This is a real concern, and even if your child had been tested when they were born, it’s wise to have them taken to a pediatric audiology clinic again.

Your Child Has Behavioral Issues

Is your child showing changes in their behavior? Not listening to you, taking a lot of time and effort to get their attention, lashing out, or appearing to be disagreeable? It may be that they are having issues with their hearing, not that they are actually having behavior problems.

Write down the concerns you have about your child so you can ask for a referral to a pediatric audiology clinic. Your child’s pediatric doctor can give you a referral to a specialist who will be able to give you the answers you need about your child’s potential hearing concerns.

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