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Little Aches And Pains Can Become A Major Problem Questions To Ask A Pain Management Specialist

We all live with aches and pains. It becomes a problem when you’re unable to function in your day-to-day life.

Chronic lower back pain can make lifting heavy objects an impossible task. Mental illness, from anxiety to depression, can impact your social life. Maintaining a job, which is already a lot of hard work, can be just that much harder with addiction. When you have a lot of problems and no answers, a pain management specialist can provide you with another perspective. Found at your local family clinic, the first step of your journey begins with asking the right questions.

Let’s take a look at chronic pain in the United States and what could be causing yours.

Low Testosterone Is One Of The Most Overlooked Issues

Something you should look into, even if you’re sure this isn’t a problem, is low testosterone. This remains one of the most overlooked health problems for men, partially due to how easily it can be blamed on other issues. A normal testosterone level ranges between 300 to 1000 ng/dl. Unfortunately, over 12 million men today struggle with low testosterone. Most will not receive treatment, either, and believe their fatigue or mood swings are being caused by outside factors.

Obesity Can Affect Your Chronic Pain Levels And Overall Health

Have you gained significant weight over the past few years? Talking to the best family doctor in your area can provide you a solution. Medically supervised weight loss is the most reliable method of cutting into obesity — while most Americans today attempt to commit to a diet, only a few actually pull it off. A doctor will help you craft a customized weight loss plan that lines up with your lifestyle and health issues (such as diabetes or gluten intolerance). Obesity can increase your risk of heart disease, the most common cause of death in the United States.

Mental Illness Should Be Brought To The Attention Of A Doctor

A pain management specialist won’t just take a look at physical issues. They’ll also look at your mental and emotional wellness. The field of mental health is a vast one, constantly changing as new information is brought into the fold. Anxiety, depression, and ADHD are believed to be the most common forms of mental illness in the country. Common symptoms that could suggest a mental illness include mood swings, feelings of hopelessness, concentration issues, anger issues, and impulse control.

Lower Back Pain Is An Extremely Common Chronic Pain Issue

Another common issue facing American adults is lower back pain. This condition can get worse with age and can be caused by everything from obesity to working long hours. A pain management specialist will first give you a diagnosis based on your symptoms, the severity, and how long you’ve been struggling with the issue. They will then provide you with physical therapy solutions or possible surgical treatment, depending. While it’s tempting to manage chronic pain with painkillers, this can put you at risk of addiction.

Addiction Can Be Mitigated With A Detox Center’s Help

Last, but not least, addiction is another problem that can seriously impact your quality of life. While alcoholism remains the third deadliest disease in the United States, studies have found a rise in opioid dependency. Today’s current estimates say 25% of individuals who use heroin will develop an opioid addiction. Supplement this with another study that revealed four out of five new heroin users also start out by misusing prescription painkillers. A detox doctor will provide you not just a short-term solution, but a long-term plan to recover.

Your aches and pains aren’t permanent. See what a pain management specialist can do about your symptoms today.

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