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Finding a Womens Health Clinic

Modern American women may have some particular health needs to stay on top of, and a women’s health clinic can help with this. Young and older women alike can look for a breast cancer testing clinic, a fertility clinic, and more to take care of their specialized needs, and a woman may consult her gynecologist or perform an online search to find local women’s health clinics. Breast cancer treatment is essential for any woman who has developed breast cancer, and a cancer center may not be far away. When visiting a women’s health clinic, older women may go in for yearly mammograms or even breast tissue samples if necessary, and this can go a long way toward diagnosing breast cancer early. A women’s health clinic can also recommend a visit to a fertility clinic if need be.

A Fertility Clinic

Why might a woman visit this type of women’s health clinics? A woman who is having trouble conceiving a child may visit one to get testing done, and a diagnosis may soon be made. There are a number of reasons why a woman may suffer difficulty in conceiving a child, and just as many treatments may be offered. One issue may be physical, when the ovaries fail to release an oocyte (“egg cell”), and this can certainly block any attempts to get pregnant. In other cases, a fertilized egg, the zygote, may latch itself to the Fallopian tube instead of the uterine lining to form the placenta, and that can disrupt an attempted pregnancy.

In other cases, the woman’s lifestyle may be the issue. Women who abuse drugs or alcohol may have great difficulty getting pregnant, and heavy cigarette use can also lower fertility rates. Even something psychological such as great stress in everyday life may lower fertility, such as if a woman is highly stressed about her finances or personal life or her working life.

A woman may visit a fertility clinic with her male partner and have him checked out, too. Roughly one third of infertility cases are due to the woman’s health, and another third are due to the man’s health (the last third of cases happen for unknown reasons). Cigarettes, stress, and drug use also hamper men’s fertility, and injury to the testicles or radiation exposure can hamper his sperm count or quality. A couple failing to conceive is urged to visit the fertility clinic together, just in case.

Remedies for a woman’s fertility issues may vary. Some women start medications for their fertility issues, and others may even have surgery on their reproductive organs to fix the problem. In other cases, a woman may make use of in vitro fertilization or even use a surrogate mother in order for her child to be conceived.

Mammograms and Breast Biopsies

Middle aged and older woman are urged to visit women’s health clinics to have their breasts regularly checked by medical professionals. All women face the potential to develop breast cancer, but some are more likely to develop this condition than others. A woman who is active and fit, for example, is less likely to develop it than an obese woman. Why is this? Body fat is a major source of estrogen in women, and higher estrogen levels increase breast cancer risks. A woman who had a close relative such as a sister, mother, or daughter develop breast cancer is roughly twice as likely to develop breast cancer as other women. Breast cancer rates have been known to slowly rise as a woman ages in any case.

For this reason, women in their late 40s or so are advised to begin visiting women’s health clinics that offer mammogram and breast biopsy services. Women in their 50s and 60s can often drastically lower their chances of dying of breast cancer due to these measures, and that can save many lives. A mammogram can expose breast issues early, such as cancer, and a beast biopsy can also be done. This involves taking a small tissue sample from a breast and testing that sample (the breast is numbed first, and the incision is stitched and bandaged closed). This may be done if breast cancer is suspected, and a positive result may lead to a woman visiting a proper cancer treatment center.

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