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Supplement Your Health With Vitamins and Minerals You Need

It’s no secret that most people don’t eat right. Americans eat too much fast food and junk food, and they don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables. Because of that, American children and adults often don’t get the full recommended daily intake of many vitamins and minerals. To ensure that they are getting enough of these vital substances, people may need to take vitamin supplements. These are usually pretty easy to find.

Consumption of dairy products has dropped steadily over time, which means many people, including children, do not get the calcium they need. Children who are in their teen and pre-teen years need 1,300 mg of calcium per day. Even with fortified breakfast cereals, it often isn’t enough. Calcium supplements can be the answer. Calcium often can be found in vitamins, but supplements can be better. Older people may need calcium supplements for osteoporosis, even if they get enough calcium in their diets. Calcium supplements are sold in grocery stores, pharmacies and elsewhere, and you also can order calcium supplements online.

Vitamin D is another vitamin that people can be deficient in. People usually get their vitamin D from the sun, but for a couple of reasons, people are getting less and less of it. Because of skin cancer risks, many people spend less time in the sun than they used to. Also, many children spend most of their time inside playing video games or doing some other activity rather than playing outside. That’s why some people need vitamin D supplements. You can order vitamin D supplements online or buy them in a variety of stores.

Sometimes people buy supplements not because they are deficient in a substance but because they have an ailment. One common issue that people buy supplements for is as a sleep aid. Nearly half of all people have at least an occasional issue with falling asleep, and some people are able to get relief from sleep aid supplements.

One thing to keep in mind when buying supplements, whether it’s when you order vitamin D supplements online or buy another supplement in a store, is being cognizant of warnings. Many supplements are not regulated well, and even with those that are, you have to pay attention to things such as dosage and possible negative interactions with other medicines.

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