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4 Important Advantages of Using IV Pumps

Since the late 1960s, infusion pumps have been widely used in the medical industry. After this time, medical facilities throughout the world began using many different types of IV pumps to treat patients. It makes sense to want to learn more about the benefits of using IV pumps in your medical facility. With that in mind, here are four important advantages of IV pumps.

  • High Absorption Rate

    In many situations, it’s important for patients to receive medication as fast as possible. Considering that, you’ll find that intravenous therapy is the fastest way to deliver medication or other types of fluids into a patient’s body. This type of therapy is able to yield a bioavailability absorption rate of 100%.
  • Great for Delivering Fluids in Varying Amounts

    Patients often need varying amounts of medication. With that in mind, it’s often difficult to remember each patients dosage requirements. Fortunately, one of the many advantages of IV pumps is that they’re able to dispense fluids in varying amounts. By using IV pumps, someone dealing with light pain receives a small amount of medication while others dealing with severe pain receive more medicine.
  • Automating Fluid Delivery

    Throughout a medical facility, people often work at a fast pace. Considering that, it’s important for medical professionals to automate certain processes. Fortunately, IV pumps allow these workers to achieve this goal. By automating fluid delivery, medical professionals are able to focus on other matters involving patient care.
  • Delivering a Wide Range of Medications

    Infusion pumps are able to deliver multiple types of fluids. The most common type of IV fluid is saline. However, IV pumps can also deliver hormones, nutrients, medications, and several other types of liquids.

In closing, there are several advantages of using IV pumps. Considering the many advantages of IV pumps, it’s understandable to want to order these items for use in your medical facility. You’ll find that there is a wide range of IV pump brands on the market. Therefore, you might find it difficult to understand which types of IV pumps your facility requires. Fortunately, you can find the right types of IV pumps for your facility by purchasing these items online. In turn, you’ll be able to communicate with someone who understands the needs of your facility and its patients.

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