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Why You May Need A Catheter

A catheter is a thin tube that is inserted into your body either through your abdomen or into the tube through which your urine passes through your body. The tube where urine passes through the body is called the urethra. Although most people urinate on their own, there are some people who need help emptying their bladder for several reasons. A catheter can help with that. Here are a few reasons why you may need these urology supplies.

What Is A Catheter Used For?

There is short-term use for intermittent catheters and there is also long-term use. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you may need to use an intermittent catheter.

  • Short-term use of these types of urology supplies can be because of something stopping the urine from passing from your bladder. This could be because of a bladder stone that may be blocking it.
  • Short-term use of these urological supplies could be when you are preparing to get a surgery done.
  • Short-term use of free intermittent catheters may be used for some who is recovering from a surgery or from someone who is unconscious. The catheter is used for someone like this to keep track of their urine output.

There are also catheters for long-term use. The reasons for these include the following:

  • Long-term use for a catheter may be used for someone who has nerve damage in their bladder called Neuropathic bladder and they are unable to control their bladder. Catheters are good for removing the urine so waste doesn’t build up and cause an infection or anything else.
  • Long-term use for urology supplies may also be for someone who has urinary incontinence and they are not able to treat this condition any other way.

Facts You Need To Remember About Urology Supplies

When you need the use of free catheter samples, you need to remember a couple of things when using them. The first and one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to make sure to clean the bag for your catheter every single day. You also need to change it by going by the doctor’s orders which is usually twice per month or once a week.

Did you know, urinary incontinence gets worse and you have an increased chance of getting it as you get older? In fact, the chances of having this condition between the ages of 65 to 69 years old increased by 14 % and once you are over the age of 85 years old, your chances of having this problem will increase by 45 %.

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