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Working out at Home

The bad news is that today, rates of obesity in both children and adults are getting very high, and this means that a lot of unhealthy people are out there with excess body fat and under-developed muscles. Often, obesity can coincide with mood and sleep disorders, and no one wants any of that. Instead, people can take heart knowing that it is never too late to start an exercise and diet regimen to get the perfect body, and a home fitness store is often the best place to start. A sports store can also allow a person to get the gear they need to play soccer or basketball or other sports to exercise as well have a great time with that sport. What can a fitness store offer for someone looking to reshape their body? How can home fitness be done?

Obesity and Its Causes

One major factor in rising obesity rates is what people eat, namely fast food and highly processed foods. The number of fast food restaurants has doubled since the 1970s, and this means even more refined grains, added sugars, and saturated fats being added to people’s diets, often far higher than the healthy limits would call for. Often, these foods phase out the organic, whole foods that people should eat such as chicken and fish, brown rice, fruits and vegetables of all kinds, and eggs and nuts like almonds or walnuts. On top of this poor diet, many people today are sedentary, both adults and kids. It has been determined that about 53% of all adults aged 18 and over get the CDC’s recommended amount of aerobic activity, and only 23.5% are getting enough muscle-strengthening activity in their daily lives, and only one in three children is physically active. What is replacing all that exercise? Often, adults work sedentary jobs like 9-5 office jobs and sit in traffic jams, and children spend hours each day, often seven or more, using electronic screens such as PCs or handheld game devices. All of this can negatively impact one’s health in many ways, from increased risk of diabetes and heart disease to poor sleep patterns and mood. But starting an exercise regimen and a new diet can change all that.

At a Home Fitness Store

A home fitness store will have nearly everything that someone needs to launch an exercise program at the comfort of their own home. Clothes and shoes will be available for workouts, whose fabric is stretchy and breathes easily, and safe and practical shoes can be found too, such as basketball or tennis shoes. Home fitness equipment such as ab wheels, jump ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells, and chin-up bars can all be found at a home fitness store, among others, and a person’s intended workout can dictate what particular equipment they get. DVDs for effective workout programs may be found at a fitness store as well, for customers of varying ages and intended intensity of exercise. Similarly, a sports store will have the clothes, gloves, balls, and anything else needed for someone to start playing a sport, such as soccer balls, baseball bats, hockey sticks, and more to get involved in sports, which are not only great ways to burn calories and develop muscles, but are simply fun to play, and a person will actually look forward to a soccer game. This is also a great opportunity to learn teamwork and coordination, and even start a regular team that plays on certain days of the week.

A person can also cut all fast food and heavily processed foods from their diet and eat more whole and organic foods instead, and involve the major food groups in every meal, such as apples and oranges, broccoli and carrots, walnuts, fish, eggs, and cheese into their diet, plus whole grains (white bread should be avoided). A good diet can compliment any workout regimen one starts, and the gear in a home fitness store will yield better results if a person has a healthy caloric intake to control fat and sugar levels. This can also reduce the risk of clogged arteries and diabetes by eliminating added sugars and saturated fats and replacing them with healthy nutrients and ingredients. Such foods can also be delicious and open up new recipe options in the kitchen.

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