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Why and How You Should Get Help if You Need It

When it comes to keeping up with one’s health, no subject tends to be too taboo. That is, unless you have a drug problem or an addition. Although it is one of the most serious self-inflicted health conditions, it is very rarely that one ever sees any articles or advertisements advising that these people get help, or how they can go about getting it.
If you condition or addiction is one that seems serious, you may be best off seeing an urgent care doctor. Another issue that can be seen prevailing within American culture is the playing down on the severity of alcoholism and how common it has become even in those of younger ages. Despite how bad alcohol is for your body, it has nowhere near the amount of bad reputation as other drugs that people become addicted to. In fact, more than 7% of the population ages 18 years and older — equating to nearly a staggering 13.8 million Americans — have problems with drinking, including the 8.1 million people who currently suffer from alcoholism. Yet, sadly enough, there is little being done to resolve this ever-growing problem.
Part of the reason that alcoholism is so severely under treated and under diagnosed is due to society’s role in normalizing the toxic habits that lead to the addiction. Addiction to alcohol is not even close to being uncommon, yet most people do not seem to see excessive drinking as being even remotely an issue. In the cases where alcoholics are thankfully diagnosed, the help offered often comes to them far later than when their condition initially developed. On average, alcohol addiction patients receive treatment 8 years after the age at which they develop the condition. At this point, some if not most of the damage that has be caused to the individual will leave behind some permanent issues, the longer one waits to reach out to an urgent care doctor the worse the lasting conditions will be.
If you or someone who you know may be suffering from alcoholism there is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out for help, even if it is by talking to someone or visiting your urgent care doctor. The only way to end the cycle of abuse is through facing the issue head on, nothing can make you take that first step except for you. If you chose to get help, it certainly will not be easy, but it will be completely worth it and make life so much easier after you have finally recovered.

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