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4 Signs You Need to Invest in a Breast Pump

When a new mother gives birth, her baby requires her milk. While many women will opt to not breastfeed their babies because they cannot physically do it or choose not to for other personal reasons, some women really want to breastfeed their babies. Many times, new mothers opt for breastfeeding their baby because it allows for them to emotionally bond with them and also allows for the baby to get antibodies and other nutrients from their mother. Some women cannot breastfeed because it is very difficult for them physically, or the baby might not be latching to the nipple. In any case, if women want to breastfeed, they can use a pump to help ensure that they get their milk out of their breasts even when they are not with a baby or their baby is not hungry, so that the milk does not cause pressure and discomfort for the mother.

There are both manual breast pumps and electronic breast pumps, and both can come in handy depending on what it’s for and what kind of invest the mother wants to make for a breast pump. For women who need to pump just once in a while, a manual pump can be just fine! For a mother who has to pump many times throughout the day and does not want to tedious pump throughout the entire day (she might even be at work!), then she can opt for an electronic breast pump that can help her alleviate any feelings of engorgement and help her pump and store milk for her baby for later that day.

1. You’re a career woman

If you recently had a baby and would like to breastfeed, but also work a demanding job, you can opt to use an electronic breast pump. This is a pump that you can latch to your breast and have pump while you work on a project or even take business calls. It also comes in handy for when you need to pump at work and go into your office’s designated space to do so. Instead of having to pump (your hands might be tired from typing all day!), you can let the electronic breast pump do its job and you can use that time to take a mental break from work.

2. You deal with pressure, heaviness, and other side effects of engorgement

If you’re dealing with a lot of intense pressure from engorgement, you can invest in a breast pump to help alleviate that. Some women make a lot of milk and need to pump often. In this situation, an electronic breast pump is best. World Breastfeeding Week happens in August and is a way for people to celebrate breastfeeding and help others understand its benefits and role in a baby’s healthy development, as well as in the formation of a strong bond between a mom and her baby. If you’re dealing with heaviness, invest in a breast pump.

3. You travel a lot

If you are someone who is away from your baby often due to work and travel, you might want to think about getting a pump so that you can pump and store your milk for your baby for when you return.

4. Your baby does not latch well

If you really want to breastfeed but find it difficult because your baby does not latch well or if struggling with breastfeeding, then you can easily use a breast pump to help. By pumping your milk and giving it to your baby in a bottle, you are still able to give your baby exposure to the nutrients and antibodies present in your breast milk and can help them develop better and have healthier immune systems.

You can by breastfeeding pumps from a medical supplies store that also sells other items such as urinary bag supplies, equipment like a wheelchair or walker.

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