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Is Urgent Care a Good Place to Take a Sick Child?

The average American child will catch somewhere between six and 10 colds each year. A stuffy nose is not typically a cause for concern. It’s the other symptoms often associated with the common cold that can cause a parent to panic. All too often, an unwell child can cause a parent to run to the nearest pediatrician’s office. When your child falls ill or experiences an injury after the doctor’s office has closed, an urgent care center could be a good idea.

Urgent Care Centers: Are They Good to Take Children To?

Urgent care centers have grown in popularity in recent years. How much is a urgent care visit cost compared to the emergency room? It depends. The reasons are numerous and include cost-effectiveness and timeliness. These perks do not go away when the patient is a child. In fact, it might be more wise to take a child to urgent care over the emergency room.

When Should You Go to Urgent Care?

Children fall ill at the most inconvenient times. A stuffy or runny nose; a persistent cough; a phlegmy cough; a fever; dizziness; lethargy; a sprained limb; minor burn; persistent headache; or minor head injury can all be addressed at most urgent care centers. Parents should go to an urgent care center when they don’t want to wait to have their chid seen by a doctor.

Four out of every five urgent care centers will ofter fracture care. A fracture of course is a broken bone. This is a physical injury that requires immediate attention. Seeing a child in pain from a fracture is difficult. Yet going to the ER can actually take longer than the average urgent care center. How much is a urgent care visit cost the parent? It could actually depend on your insurance.

Where Is Urgent Care Near Me?

It’s a good idea to know where is your nearest urgent care center. When a stressful situation presents itself, it can be difficult to stay calm. Having a list of possible urgent care centers can help a parent make a quick decision with minimal stress. Research is vital at this stage. An online search of the urgent care clinics near you, along with their ratings and services, is a valuable resource.

As mentioned above, not every urgent care clinic will offer the same level of care. This is why it is essential for a parent to do a little bit of research before heading out to the nearest clinic. Otherwise, they may get to the check-in counter and find out that they need to take their child for care somewhere else.

How Much Is a Urgent Care Visit?

Medical care can be expensive. How much is a urgent care visit will depend on a few factors. These include the illness or ailment of the child and therefore the amount of care they required. Next is the type of insurance the parent holds. Lastly, it will depend on the location of the center. Some cities have a higher cost of living, and this is sometimes reflected even in the cost for urgent care.

Many urgent care centers offer good pediatric services. In fact, parents may find that they prefer to bring their child to the nearest urgent care center instead of the other options they have. Waiting for the doctor’s office to open isn’t too daunting if the wait is overnight. However it can be alarming waiting an entire weekend. Don’t be afraid to take your child to urgent care the next time their cough worries you.

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