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Affordable, Fast And Convenient The Benefit Of The Urgent Care Center For Minor To Moderate Injuries

What does convenient health care mean to you?

It can mean receiving a fast diagnosis at a nearby location that doesn’t take you too far out of your way. It can mean friendly medical care that doesn’t make you feel like a nuisance when you’re asking questions or airing out your concerns. For many it just means a quality diagnosis that doesn’t put them out of pocket. Urgent care today is one of the most convenient forms of healthcare by combining all of the above and then some into one useful package. It’s an ideal resource for treating minor to moderate illnesses and injuries, on top of preventative care measures like STD testing.

Not every health incident calls for the emergency room. There are times you can’t wait to see a regular doctor, either. Here’s what an urgent care setting can do for you.

The Common Cold And The Flu

While the common cold and the flu may seem mundane, they can host quite a few complications depending on your health. Children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems run the highest risk of severe symptoms when the sick season starts rolling around. Americans will come down with as many as one billion colds every year, with the same timespan seeing 5% to 20% of the population experiencing the flu. An urgent care center can provide you with an updated yearly flu shot to make sure your risk is as low as possible.

Headaches And Migraines

Do you struggle with chronic migraines? Are your headaches starting to reach a severity that has you unable to work or sleep? An urgent care location can provide you with pain relief or a diagnosis to help with this change in your week. Over 85% of urgent care clinics are open seven days per week, seeing an estimated three million patients weekly. It’s important to check the hours of your nearby urgent care location, however, as some are only open past a certain hour or don’t provide service on the weekends. Chronic dehydration, stress and the onset of migraines are some of the most common contributors to headaches.

Breathing Issues And Nausea

Perhaps you’re having trouble breathing. The most common diagnosis brought to an urgent care center are upper respiratory problems, followed close behind by painful nausea. There are over 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today, meaning you’ll never wonder whether or not you’ll be assigned a certified medical professional during your time of need. Breathing difficulties can be caused by asthma, seasonal allergies or bronchitis. Your nausea could also be a sign of unchecked stress or the beginning of food poisoning. The only way to know for sure is to meet with a doctor for treatment.

Poison Ivy And Poison Oak

Urgent care medicine is accurate, fast and convenient. This is especially true when you come down with symptoms within hours and need as much help as possible managing your pain. Over 85% of Americans are allergic to poison ivy. This plant can be found in every state except Alaska and Hawaii. Similar to poison oak, coming in contact with these plants can cause painful red rashes and blisters. Breathing in a burnt plant can also cause severe breathing difficulties. Your urgent health care service is more than equipped to handle each case brought to their front desk.

Burns And Cuts

Similarly, burns and cuts are issues that need attention as soon as possible. Visiting an emergency room can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars and leave you even more stressed once you leave. An urgent care service, on the other hand, can provide fast treatment for less than a third of the cost, on average. Burns run a high risk of becoming infected. Cuts can also have you losing blood and becoming dizzy. Medical treatments should be more than just effective, but providing you comfort and patience as you recover.

Healthcare can be affordable, convenient and accurate. Let an urgent care service help you in your time of need.

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