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Common Treatments For Hyperhidrosis

If you find that you are sweating constantly or sweat excessively, you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis. Hyperhydrosis is a condition that causes its sufferers to sweat more than the typical amount, and hyperhydrosis, also referred to as primary focal hyerhydrosis, affects up to three percent of the population in the United States. For the eight million people in the United States who have been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, sweating up to five times what is considered the normal amount can have a profound affect on the quality of their day to day lives.

Fortunately, hyperhidrosis treatments can help to limit and prevent sweating and to manage the condition. Many hyperhidrosis treatments are even able to stop excessive body sweating. This could be hugely impactful for the as much as ninety percent of hyperhidrosis patients that claim that the condition negatively impacts their overall mood and emotional state. Hyperhidrosis treatments can also help to raise overall confidence, something that the majority of hyperhidrosis patients report a lack of.

First, it is important to be diagnosed by a practiced doctor with experience in the condition and how to most effectively employ hyperhidrosis treatments. As hyperhidrosis has been shown to affect men and women in equal amounts, if you are experiencing excessive sweating, it is important to be looked at by a doctor with experience in the condition. Even if your excess sweat is not caused by hyperhidrosis, a medical evaluation can rule out any other underlying health problems. But if there is a history of hyperhidrosis in your family, it is likely that you too will be diagnosed with, as hyperhidrosis has been found to have a strong genetic component.

Iontophoresis treatment is one of the most common forms of treatment for hyperhidrosis, as it has been proven over the years since it was first utilized to be one of the most effective hyperhidrosis treatments. Iontophoresis treatment has its origins back in the 1950s and has only developed and progressed in the years since. The therapy itself lasts only around twenty minutes at a maximum, meaning that it can be easily incorporated into even the most busy of lifestyles. An iontophoresis machine is also commonly referred to as a no sweat machine, and it works by shutting down sweat glands over a period of treatments. Because it is most effective over time, hyperhidrosis patients seeking out iontophoresis treatments will usually need to come in for two or three treatments each week and have a total of around ten treatments, though patients with severe hyperhidrosis may need more.

Hyperhidrosis can have a negative effect on the every day lives of those who deal with it, but hyperhidrosis treatments like the use of an iontophoresis machine can help to curb the negative effects of hyperhidrosis and give sufferers of the condition the confidence that they have never had before. The negative impacts of sweating too much can be managed and even eradicated with the proper treatments, but all treatments should be done under the supervision of an experienced medical professional.

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