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Why Treating Depression Is Important

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In the United States, one of the most overlooked issue with many Americans is the illness of depression. Now, it may be odd to hear someone refer to this issue as an illness, but that is the truth. There is no question that your mental health can contribute to not only your physical appearance but also your overall health.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety or depression, it is important that you urge them to seek help and treatment. So often many people will suffer through these serious illnesses and will never seek or receive the proper treatment needed in order to improve their overall well-being. Here is what you need to know about psychotherapy, therapy serves, family counseling, and treating depression.

It is important to know that quite often depression can affect different people in different ways. In their lifetime, women are 70% more likely to develop or experience depression. By the age of 18, 11% of all teenagers will have some form of a depressive disorder. Around the entire world, 350,000,000 people will be affected by some form of depression.

The Chicago Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy conducted research involving couples a nd couples therapy. They discovered that 50% of all couples who participated in emotionally focused couples therapy recovered once the therapy ended. 70% of all those couples recovered within the following three months of ending their therapy sessions. This goes to show that getting the right help can treat these issues.

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists discovered that 97% of all couples involved in couples therapy believe they got the help they needed while 87% said they received excellent help. Also, if your partner is suffering from depression it is good to go to a family therapist so you can support them. Plus, licensed marriage and family therapists are 20 to 40% less expensive.

Psychotherapy treatments for depression will normally last anywhere between 10 to 20 weeks. Experts recommend giving antidepressants four to six weeks before they kick in and take full effect to help someone deal with their issues. In the year of 2012, about 16,000,000 adults in the United States had a major depressive episode which makes up about 6.9% of the entire country.

You should also know there is data that suggest depression can take away from your abilities in the workplace as well. Often depression will form due to a self-conscious thought process which can inflict damage upon someone’s confidence. This will hinder their thought process and will cause them to doubt themselves. In the United States, the estimated amount of money lost due to depression annually is $80 billion.

In Conclusion

If you struggle with serious illnesses like anxiety or depression you should seek help immediately from a counselor or someone that can help you overcome your issue. No one has to suffer alone from a chemical imbalance in their brain, everyone deserves whatever help they need. In the United States, 50% of all people will major depression symptoms will never seek treatment for their illnesses. It is important for you to seek help if you need it, or to urge your loved ones to get help if they suffer from these illnesses.

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