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Counseling, Your Partner, and You

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Every year there are a countless number of divorces within the United States. So much so, that there are now lawyers that specialize in the practice of divorce court proceedings. These lawyers have flocked to divorce court because there are large settlements and lots of money to be made in the business of a divorce.

With this in mind, think about your relationship with your partner. Do you feel like you two are in a rough patch? Are things not going as well as when you both first married? If these are things you ask yourself, then you will have to make a tough decision soon in terms of your marriage, or your partner will. If you want to salvage your marriage and want to work things out with your loved one, there are many benefits to couples counseling.

Family therapy, group therapy, and couples counseling are just as helpful as an individual seeing a therapist on a week to week basis. For many people, talking to a therapist and having therapeutic intervention can save lives and can save marriages. If you are ever debating on whether or not couples counseling is right for you then debate no more. Do the right thing for you and your partner.

Depending on the condition, treatments based on psychotherapy for depression last 10-20 weeks. It will normally take four to six weeks for antidepressants to take full effect per experts in that field of medicine. 50% of all Americans suffering from severe depression never seek treatment for their mental illness. This can be damaging as if they white knuckle their issue, it will hurt not only themselves but also the people around them. This is how couples counseling can help a couple if one person is suffering from an issue.

In the United States, the annual costs of depression is $80 billion and come from lost productivity and health care. In the year of 2012, at least 16,000,000 United States adults had at least one major depressive mode. That number equates to about 6.9% of all adults in the country. 350,000,00 people around the world are affected by depression, and this means your partner could be one of them.

If you seek out routine couples counseling it will have great benefits in helping you or your partner deal with unknown depression. The Chicago Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy gathered information revealing that 50% of all couples recovered after their Emotionally Focused Therapy, with 70% recovering by the third month after termination of therapy. Couples counseling can even involve a family therapist which is 20-40% less expensive than a psychiatrist. 11% of all teenagers suffer from a depressive disorder by the time they reach age 18.

Couples counseling is worth the work. Women are more likely to experience depression as opposed to men by about 70%. After working together with a family therapist, patients said they had more effective tools to help them with depression. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists conducted a survey. This survey revealed that 98% of all couples involved with couples counseling believed they received good to excellent help. Also, 97% of all people said they got the help they truly needed.

In conclusion, couples counseling can without a doubt help you and your partner through any type of issue. Even if it does not salvage your relationship or marriage, it will hopefully be able to teach you where and why the relationship went wrong. Do not allow yourself to deal with depression or anxiety without the help you deserve. Do not allow your partner to deal with depression or anxiety without the help they deserve. Get couples counseling and you will find positive results.

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