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Busting Five Breast Augmentation Myths

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A breast augmentation was the most common plastic surgery procedure in 2016, having 290,467 procedures take place. Some women are scared to visit a cosmetic surgery center to have their breasts augmented. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions surrounding breast augmentation surgery. Many of the myths you are about to see are either based on old information or completely fabricated. In this post, you will learn about five false myths about breast enlargement surgery.

  • Breast Enlargement is Only for Younger Women

    A huge misconception is that only women in their 20s and 30s should have a breast augmentation. Plenty of women in their 40s and up undergo breast enlargement surgery. As women age, their breast tissue will naturally start to droop. A patient who is experiencing drooping can still have breast enlargement surgery. The only difference is a breast lift may need to be done to give the breast implants a more lifted overall appearance.
  • Having to Wear Different Bras Forever

    You may have heard that wearing an underwire bra is impossible after a breast enlargement which isn’t true. It’s important to know that there will likely be a wait time before you can wear a bra that has underwire inside of it. It is generally recommended to wait about six weeks after surgery to wear anything with underwire. Not all recovery times are the same for every breast enlargement patient. Your surgeon will be able to advise with an exact timeline that is based on your procedure.
  • Implants Feel Harder Than the Real Thing

    Breast enlargements decades ago may have patients feeling like they have harder implants. However, advances in materials used to make breast implants are much safer in modern times. The popularity of breast augmentation surgeries has tripled in the past two decades. At the same time, innovations for breast enlargement surgeries means patients receive breast implants that are designed to feel like the real thing.
  • Recovery Takes a Long Time

    In many cases, you will only need five to seven days off of work after a breast surgery has been completed. You don’t have to worry about weeks and months lost due to recovery time. It’s likely that you have many things to do in a typical week. Having a breast enlargement surgery can mean you are ready to return to a normal life in a matter of days.
  • You Will be Unable to Breastfeed

    It’s understandable to think that a breast enlargement surgery could cause difficulties with breastfeeding. However, this is nothing but a myth because breast implants can actually make breastfeeding easier. Many implants are inserted in an area that has no change or impact on mammary glands. In many cases, breast enlargement allows for a fuller shape and size which makes access to breast milk easier for an infant.

In closing, there are several myths surrounding breast enlargement surgery. Women of all ages can receive breast implants. Patients that are experiencing sagging breasts may need a lift to accompany their enlargement surgery. You will need to refrain from underwire bras while recovering from surgery. However, you will still be able to wear bras with underwire after you are fully recovered. Modern breast implants are designed to feel identical to actual breast tissue. You won’t need to worry about missing weeks and months of work, the average recovery time for a breast enlargement surgery is only five to seven days. Patients that have undergone breast enlargement surgery will be happy to know that this procedure actually makes breast feeding easier. Many women are continuing to realize that false myths surround breast implants which simply aren’t true.

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