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How Postmenopausal Women are Stopping Hair Loss

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Hair loss for adults is something that has been happening since men and women have been walking the planet. It strikes both men and women, though men seem to be the victims in greater numbers. But, there are treatments today that have not always been around and over 810,000 people seek some kind of treatment for it.

For the thousands of women who are living life after menopause, many symptoms accompany them through this period of life. One of those symptoms can be hair loss. What used to mean resorting to wigs that can be very uncomfortable due to temperature changes and other conditions or simply bearing the bald patches, has now, thanks to many different advances in medicine and technology, given way to several other options.

Hair loss men experience is in a sense different from hair loss for women. It is estimated that roughly 20% of all women experience hair loss to a troubling degree. There are roughly 21 million American women who are experiencing hair loss right not, compared to 35 million of their male counterparts. Almost all women will clog the drain with their hair when they brush it out, but most of the time that missing hair will grow back just as thick.

One of the causes of hair loss in women is alopecia areata. This occurs when the white blood cells prey on hair follicles. This attack on the follicles by the white blood cells causes hair to thin and fall out, typically in patches. This is the kind of hair loss that will likely not grow back on its own.

Most often, hair loss in women is attributed to a hormonal imbalance. This is often the case in men, as well, but for women, it is one of the lesser known symptoms of menopause. On the whole, men experience more cases of hair loss because they have less estrogen than women and this is why hair loss in women is beginning to be treated with hormonal therapies that help restore what has been lost as women go through menopausal symptoms.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment, or BHRT therapy, is being used by many doctors on women who are going through the symptoms of menopause as an instrument of hair loss prevention. BHRT therapy is being used to correct the hormonal imbalances in many women, allowing them to stop their hair loss and possibly even bring new hair growth back to the scalp.

BHRT therapy is a treatment that requires testing of your hormones and only your doctor can help you decide what course of action you might want to take. What is clear is that there are many more options for dealing with women’s hair loss than there ever have been. Talk to your doctor about what options are right for you.

You might look in the mirror now and not like what you see, but in a few months time, you might just love the way you look.

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