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Important Considerations When Purchasing a Used CPAP Machine

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Medical conditions can get very expensive. They usually require medications, frequent physician checkups, and an abundance of medical equipment. A person who suffers from sleep apnea, for example, is likely to spend thousands of dollars annually on just basic medical care. If additional medical equipment is needed, such as BIPAP masks and CPAP machines, that amount becomes even higher. Fortunately, those suffering with sleep apnea can find discounted and fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale. When purchasing a used CPAP machine or BIPAP mask, always consider the following important safety features.

You want to ensure that the used CPAP machine is certified used. This means that the company that is selling it is backing it with some type of a warranty. When a machine is used, it is more likely to have mechanical problems. If any of these mechanical problems do occur, they will be covered by the certification. Both your CPAP machine and the best CPAP mask should be covered under the warranty.

Prior inspection
Always personally inspect your used CPAP machine before purchase. Also, increase your chances of a fully working CPAP machine by only purchasing a fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale. These are machines that have been inspected by the manufacturer and the reseller. However, you will still want to inspect it yourself, taking note of any damages or problems with the machine. On the average night?s sleep, a sufferer of obstructive sleep apnea may experience 60 apneas per hour. Do not risk your health with a damaged CPAP machine.

Use only a reputable seller
You will also want to be sure that the company you are purchasing the fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale from is reputable. You are more likely to be covered if any problems occur with the machine. Not all companies buying or selling CPAP machines are reputable. Choose a supplier that will back their product with a warranty and one with great buyer reviews. You can usually find these suppliers through your primary physician or your insurance provider.

Proper cleaning prior to usage
It is likely that your fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale was professionally cleaned before the sale. However, you can never be careful. Considering that you will be hooking the CPAP machine to your nose and mouth, you want to ensure that it is free of any previous bacteria or contaminants. Cleaning a CPAP machine should also become part of a regular routine as they can harbor bacteria over time, which can exacerbate the sleep apnea problem. It can also worsen the symptoms of asthma. In a study, asthma patients faced an almost 40% greater risk for sleep apnea than asthma free participants.

Proper cleaning of your CPAP machine will depend on the type of machine. Your supplier should provide you with handbooks and owner?s manuals with cleaning instructions. You can also research proper CPAP machine cleaning habits on the internet. If you are still unsure of the best cleaning tips, consult with your primary physician on the necessary cleaning tools and the frequency it should be cleaned.

Regular use
Always remember that your CPAP machine cannot successfully protect you from sleep apneas if you do not use it frequently. Regardless of whether your CPAP machine is new or used, it should be used every single night. As many as 80% of patients who say they use their CPAP machine do not use it enough to keep them safe. Many users stop using it after just a couple of weeks, usually because of discomfort. Attempt to find the best full face masks for your size and breathing needs that will also attach to your fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale.

The successful treatment of sleep apnea can be very expensive. Insurance does not cover all aspects of the treatment, causing many sufferers to pay thousands out of pocket. You can cut your costs by purchasing used equipment, such as the CPAP machine. If you choose to purchase used, however, ensure that it is inspected, properly cleaned, certified, and that it fits correctly.

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