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7 Common Types of Physiological Chiropractic Therapy

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Chiropractic is a form of health profession aimed at treating spinal and musculoskeletal problems and the profession who conduct this kind of treatment is referred to as a chiropractor. This treatment process involves manual manipulation. mobilization and adjustment of the spine to boost function and relieve pain. In chiropractic centers, people suffering from conditions such as spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, herniated discs or sciatica can get therapeutic help. With the use of a special computerized decompression table, a patient’s spine is able to receive controlled amount of pressure on the affected areas boosting blood, oxygen and nutrients flow.

What is the Core Chiropractic Treatment?
All efforts in chiropractic treatment are geared towards lower back pain by applying manual therapy:
1.Spinal manipulation and manual manipulation
This type of manual therapy is focused on restoring range of motion in the back, reducing nerve irritability and improving functionality.

Chiropractic mobilization involves low-velocity manipulation, stretching and movement of muscles and joints. This treatment aims at improving a range of motion within the affected areas.

What are the Forms of Treatment Services Offered by a Chiropractor?
Chiropractic treatment applies some physiological therapeutic measures such as:
1.Heat and cold
Patients suffering from chronic back pain will undergo a form of treatment that involves alternating between cold and ice therapy. Ice packs are used to numb the affected region, and later a heating pad or heat wrap is introduced to restore blood circulation.

Chiropractors create an exercising program for the patient that involves stretching and reinforcing the back. Exercise for patients ranges from mild to more rigorous depending on the current condition of the patient. It is also believed that through exercise, chronic knee pain can be alleviated.

A chiropractic massage on soft tissues found in shoulders, legs, thighs, and hands facilitate blood circulation and reduce swelling commonly associated with back pains. Typically, massage is known to increase endorphin levels, the chemical produced by the body, which is functional in suppressing chronic knee swelling and migraines.

4.Dietary management
Apart from therapeutic treatment, many chiropractors will advise on the right kind of food to eat to alleviate back pain. Some will even recommend food supplements that will boost immune and enhances spinal manipulation.

This is a form of heat treatment that is applied to the soft tissues and joints. Otherwise, this is just another type of massage therapy but now it uses ultrasound.

This is an electromagnetic therapy that conducts heat to the soft tissues of the affected areas. This mode of therapy facilitates muscle relaxation and connective tissues. It also reduces muscle spasms and expedite healing and recovering process.

7.Electrical muscle stimulation
Using electrodes, this chiropractic treatment sends light electrical pulses to various parts of the body in quest of curtailing spasms and alleviating back pain.

There are other types of chiropractic therapy that are designed to specifical remove structural or nervous system irritation and they include pelvic stabilization, patient education, cold laser therapy, infrared radiation, traction, and ergonomics. All this therapeutic treatment can be recommended to any patient experiencing various forms of pains and one can combine more than one treatment with the help of a chiropractor.

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