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Are You Losing Time From Work Due to Chronic Neck Pain? Talk to a Doctor at an Urgent Care

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Chronic back and neck pain can be incredibly disruptive to your daily routine: recent studies indicate that in the next ten years, more than half of all senior citizens will be receiving pain medication and therapy for chronic back and neck pain. If you are suffering from pain that seems to get worse during the course of your work day, you may want to see a doctor at your local medical walk in clinic. More than 3 million people visit walk in clinics every week for emergency room care and receive care for their back and neck issues: it could be worth a quick visit to see if you can get medication and physical therapy.

The problem with back and neck pain is that people are reluctant to go to a medical clinic for help. About 40% of all people who have chronic pain do not want to go see local doctors. They may feel that their pain will get better on its own or they may try changing their mattress or their daily routine. Though it is true that some chronic neck and back pain can be treated by upgrading your bedding and your shoes, you still need to see walk in emergency care if you have a painful episode. If your back pain is affecting your driving and your ability to walk around, then you should attend a local medical clinic for emergency room care and to see what the doctors there have to say.

Physical therapy after emergency room care is one option for the treatment of back and neck pain. Most senior citizens have lost much of their joint mobility, and physical therapy can help them get motion back into their neck, shoulders, and hips. Physical therapists want patients to know that they may suffer a small amount of discomfort during their therapy sessions but that they should notice an improvement after they return home. Therapists have their patients perform range-of-motion exercises that are modeled after regular home activities: patients may practice turning a doorknob, stepping up and down a small staircase, or getting up and out of a prone position. Physical therapy can be an effective treatment for chronic neck and back pain.

If your neck and back pain is at its worst when you’re at work, you should ask your job if you can upgrade your chair. Studies have shown that people who use ergonomic work chairs and keyboards are much less likely to suffer from repetitive motion injuries and knee and back problems. If you can, stand up to stretch for one minute every hour. Rotate your neck slowly in a circle each direction and raise your hands as far as you can over your head. Look back over one shoulder first and then the other, and take off your work shoes if you can and stretch your hands to the floor. We spend so much time sitting down at work that it’s essential to maintain good circulation. Taking the time to stretch and to change your working position can help cut down on the need for physical therapy and medical emergency care.

Doctors at walk in clinics are trained to help with
emergency room care and can make referrals to orthopedic specialists. Don’t suffer in silence: take the first step towards better health and consult with a physician. There are non-surgical options available for people who want to avoid having to rehabilitate from serious surgical procedures. You could go to an acupuncturist, receive massage therapy, or undergo a series of exercises at physical therapy: the important thing is to seek treatment and take good care of your body. Whether you are eight or 80 years old, back pain can be stressful and debilitating; once you figure out the best way to treat it, however, you will wonder why you ever hesitated to seek treatment in the first place.

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