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Preparing For Your Surgery

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Any type of surgery can be overwhelming and intimidating. It doesn?t matter the extent or type of the surgery, it can be scary going under and not knowing what is happening to your body during the surgical procedure. If the surgery is extensive and risky, it can be even scarier, not knowing what the outcome might be. There are a few tips and strategies that a patient can do to prepare for their surgery. These tips are for reducing stress and medical anxiety surrounding the surgery.

Explore all of your medical options. Sometimes medical professionals will jump right to surgery, when other options may be considered. As a patient, it is your responsibility to research all of your medical options. Suggest things like medication changes and alternative treatments and therapies to your medical provider. Do your own research on the internet and ensure yourself that surgery really is the best option for your medical condition.

Ask a lot of questions. If your research has ensured you that surgery really is the best option for your medical condition, be sure to ask a lot of questions. You should feel fully comfortable with both your medical provider and your surgeon. Ask them any question you are concerned about.

Do not be afraid to ask too many questions. It is your body, after all. Ask questions about the surgical procedure, to clarify any medical terminology that you do not understand and ask about what types of medical supplies will be used and why. If you do not understand what laparotomy sponges are, ask. A good surgeon will be willing to spend the necessary time, explaining every detail about the procedure with you. Ask questions about the testing procedures prior to surgery too, if necessary. If you have questions about the medical technology or the ultrasound system, then ask them.

Get a lot of rest and eat a good meal the day before surgery. Most surgeries require the patient to stop eating after a certain time, the night before. You should always follow these guidelines, but allow yourself a good meal before that time. You may experience some stress and worry the day before your procedure. Allow yourself to get extra rest and eat what you want.

Take care of any necessary errands before the procedure. Recovery times can be long, depending on the type of surgical procedure you have. Some surgeries require many months of recovery. You may feel tired and lack the energy needed to do household chores or to complete any errands. You may not be able to return to work for a few weeks, or even months. It is important to take care of these odds and ends before your surgery, so you can focus on resting and recovering after your surgical procedure.

Inquire about follow up care. If your surgery requires a long recovery period, you may need additional household and medical assistance. You may need help with things like changing laparotomy sponges and purchasing necessary medical items from the medical lab supply. It can sometimes be helpful to have an in home medical assistance to help with things like changing laparotomy sponges. It is best to have this assistance planned for, prior to the surgery. If financial and medical covers do not allow for an in home care system, a close family member or friend may need to be educations on things like changing the laparotomy sponges.

Any type of surgery can be stressful and confusing. It is normal to experience some amount of worry and fear the day before surgery. There are things that a medical patient can do to ease this worry and better prepare for the long recovery of their surgery. A medical patient needs to explore all of their medical options, ask a lot of questions, have a good medical team, get a lot of rest and prepare mentally for the surgery day, prepare for a long recovery and set up any in home nursing care needs for after the surgery. Following these tips will ensure a speedy and smooth recovery process.

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