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Four Ways Going to Rehab Helps You Stay Clean

Residential treatment

Being admitted into one of the many drug rehab centres across the country is not something that many people put in their five-year plan. Drug rehab centres are not a place people necessarily look forward to being part of. However, addiction makes the awesome person you are disappear and leaves an empty shell of a human who lives for their next hit of their addiction in its place. Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol abuse does not just hurt yourself; it tears apart those who love you over and over again.

Not being able to beat your addiction through your own power of will is nothing to be ashamed of; statistically, almost no one can. Drug rehab centres give people who otherwise have no chance of recovery a second shot at life. A few things that drug rehab centres offer to help people overcome their addictions include:

  1. Support Overcoming Withdrawals
    Depending on the subject of your addiction, your body may go through intense and painful withdrawal as you detox. Alcohol detox results in mood changes, symptoms of seizures, and even hallucinations in extreme situations. Addictions to substances like cocaine make a person experience acute mental anguish, such as debilitating depression and anxiety, as well as an inability to focus or think straight. Some withdrawal symptoms are so intense and long lasting that they can be life-threatening if not in the proper environment.

    Drug rehab centres provide support needed to overcome the detox phase of getting cleaned. In some cases, this involves medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Sometimes, this involves around-the-clock observation and medical intervention. Sometimes this involves intense therapy or support group sessions until the body is purged of the poison that is controlling it.

  2. Development of Skills to Lead a Successful Life After Recovery
    In addition to getting clean from the subject of their addiction, many drug addicts also need help getting away from the way of life that led them to the position they are in to begin with. A high percentage of people who struggle with addiction have been victims of abuse and as a result, struggle with anger management or other personal issues. Many of them lack of parenting skills to provide a healthy lifestyle for their children. Many of them lack education or skill set help them gain employment.

    Good drug rehab centres address these issues in addition to helping addicts gain the skills to cope with their addiction. This might involve therapy, occupational training, support groups, and a transition process once they exit the program. The support getting on a successful life track will make the addict less likely to relapse in the future.
  3. Gaining a Support System

    After going through intense treatment that drug rehab centres provide, recovered addicts have to rejoin society. Even though they were successful in rehab, life often involves stress and unavoidable problems that lead an addict to relapse. Successful drug rehab centers help build a community within their program so that addicts have somewhere to turn when they feel tempted to give up. The most successful drug rehab centers facilitate ongoing programs that graduates can participate in after getting clean, to keep them engaged in their recovery and connected with people who support them.
  4. Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan

    The fact is, addiction is a chronic condition that a person carries with them throughout their lives. Even years after getting clean, a person who is prone to addiction must stay vigilant to avoid a relapse. One of the most important skills that a person learns through drug rehab centers is the ability to cope when they feel tempted to relapse.
    Some methods drug rehab centers offer to keep people from relapsing include:

    • Emergency support groups.
    • Around the clock addiction counseling.
    • Mentor support from other recovered addicts.
    • Short-term treatment options in the case of a relapse.

    The most important skill of that a drug rehab centres can offer is helping the addict develop a plan that they can turn to when the urge to return to their addiction is overwhelming.

After recognizing the need to get clean, an addict has a tough road ahead of them. Although there is no magic pill for overcoming addiction, partnering with a good drug rehab centre gives an addict the best odds of having a second chance at life.

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