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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Clinics Exploded in Popularity in 2015

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This December, a new report highlighted the explosion in enterprises providing medically supervised weight loss. These medical weight loss programs will generate a projected $7.87 billion in revenues this year, more than two-and-a-half times what commercial weight loss companies will earn.
Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. is a market research firm with decades of experience tracking the weight loss industry, and their latest market study claims that the rise of these medically supervised weight loss clinics is a game changer for the industry. Specifically, the “Medical Weight Loss Programs: A Growth Market” study found three primary trends:

  1. Medical weight loss programs are increasing in stature, and are taking market share away from commercial diet companies.
  2. There is a shift from an emphasis on diet foods to more emphasis on behavior modification and services (counseling).
  3. More weight loss programs are being provided by non-traditional retail sites (drugstore mini-clinics, Walmarts, supermarkets, etc.)

While commercial weight loss companies spend a fortune on branding, commercials, infomercials, and social media marketing, doctors have something far more valuable: trust. And because doctors have a preexisting relationship and rapport with their patients, that makes them well placed to provide health care for obesity and weight loss, too.
So why did so many people seek out care from medically supervised weight loss clinics for the first time in 2015?
First, far too many commercial weight loss companies are selling pure, unadulterated, 100% Grade-A snake oil. Shady claims and even sketchier science promises Americans will shed pounds in weeks, when in reality these pills, exercises, or “wellness” supplements do nothing but waste their money.
Second, the U.S. obesity epidemic continues to rise, and more Americans are finally treating weight problems as a medical issue, which they are. Finally, the Preventative Health Benefit in Obamacare granted many people access to weight loss counseling and health care in 23 states for the first time.
If you’re concerned about the effect your weight has on your health, then it’s time to start looking for medical weight loss centers in your area.

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