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What You Need to Know About Ibogaine Treatment

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No one necessarily means to become addicted to drugs. Oftentimes these addictions are developed over long periods of time, and before the individual knows it their life is spinning out of control.

These days, it is often very easy for people to get their hands on illegal substances through either street dealing or even through a medical prescription from a doctor. In various interviews with addicts, all have mentioned that illegal drugs are readily available to purchase — many for less than it would cost to buy a six pack of beer (e.g., $3 for a single dose of cocaine). There is also a rise of prescription medication abuse, with nearly 11 million Americans consuming Oxycontin at least once in a non-medical way, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Yet for every drug abuser there is an individual out there who is thinking “Enough is enough.” Understand that it is never too late to seek treatment.

An effective alternative treatment for drug addicts is ibogaine drug treatment. Ibogaine is a natural psychoactive substance derived from plants and because of it’s psychedelic properties, it is used most commonly for drug therapy.

In some studies, ibogaine therapy has reduced cravings for drug use after 72 to 96 hours. Those who undergo ibogaine drug treatment are usually those who are addicted to methadone, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine — a class of drugs considered “hard drugs” and often difficult to treat one one’s own.

To undergo an ibogaine treatment program one must first head to an ibogaine clinic that specializes in drug addictions. At the clinic, a doctor will ask for history of use, a laundry list of drugs the individual is taking, and their overall general health and well being will be assessed.

During treatment, the patient will first experience a visionary phase. This phase lasts anywhere from four to six hours. During this stage people will often be in a dream-like state that resembles REM sleep. Those experiencing ibogaine drug treatment mention that their visions range from being either very realistic to very abstract. The next phase is an introspection phase where the ibogaine detox actually begins to work it’s magic. During this phase, patients will feel that they can overcome their fears and negative emotions.

Note that there will be a few side effects, and each person is different in how they react to this type of treatment. Side effects can range from muscle coordination difficulty and nausea to vomiting. Although the effects of ibogaine on humans in large doses has not been explored, research is ongoing when it comes to finding a beneficial addiction treatment.

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