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Choosing the Right Senior Living

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Many seniors find that moving to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living community, or other senior living facilities can be a stressful experience. Some seniors may feel abandoned, frustrated, or depressed about leaving their homes. Others may be worried about the level of care they will receive in the long term care facility. When considering an appropriate nursing home, there are many factors to take into account.

Because skilled nursing facilities, assisted living homes, and retirement homes all provide different services and levels of care, it is important to take into account each senior’s individual needs. If the senior will be relocating directly from the hospital, he or she is likely to know what level of medical care will be necessary for their well-being. If the senior will be moving from their home, it is a good idea to have their status assessed by a medical professional, who will be able to recommend which type of senior living facility is best.

Once a senior has determined which type of housing meets his or her medical needs, it is important to begin checking individual facilities. Asking for referrals from doctors, family, and friends is a great place to start. Consider the location of the facility as it relates to family members’ homes: the closer they are, the more often they will be able to visit. Check with local advocacy groups to find out which nursing facilities are up to standard, and which are better to avoid.

When visiting each potential senior living facility, it is important to keep an eye out for safety hazards, cleanliness, and food quality. Ask about staffing levels, and watch how residents and staff interact. Find out what activities are available, and how often seniors are able to leave the facility for outings to shop or for entertainment.

While searching for skilled nursing facilities can be a trying time, it is important to remain calm and focus on what is best for the senior citizen in your life. With a safe, comfortable place to live and receive medical treatment, their outlook and your relationship are sure to improve.

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