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What You Don’t Know About Telepsychiatry

Telemedicine reimbursement

For many people living with mental illness, seemingly small tasks can be a struggle. Even something as simple as getting out of bed can be difficult, not to mention getting dressed and driving to go out in public for an appointment with a doctor or therapist. Fortunately, many mental health professionals are beginning to offer telemedicine psychiatry services. By connecting with patients via HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, therapists and doctors make mental health treatment more accessible for everyone.

In addition to helping patients overcome barriers based on their symptoms, telemedicine psychiatry helps them receive the type of care they need, regardless of where they live. Telepsychiatry software can help patients discuss problems with their primary care physician when they are on vacation, stuck indoors due to inclement weather, lack reliable transportation, or find themselves unable to leave the house for other medical reasons.

Telepsychiatry is quickly becoming one of the most valuable types of telemedicine available, as it allows patients easier access to their doctors. This means that changes in their condition are able to be monitored and recorded in a timely fashion. If a specialist is required, the patient is able to communicate with them without worrying about costly trips to large clinics. This will help patients receive the highest quality of care available.

Many patients are concerned with the cost of telemedicine video conferencing. Fortunately, many states require insurance companies to reimburse patients for telemedicine appointments at the same rate as they would any other doctor’s appointment. Patients who are concerned about telemedicine reimbursement should talk to their insurance adjuster for more information.

With so many benefits, it should come as no surprise that clinics around the country are embracing telemedicine as a viable option for connecting with patients. Some clinics even have a doctor whose sole responsibility is to be available for telemedicine conferencing, taking less time out of the other doctors’ day.

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