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5 Questions You Might Have About Getting Chiropractic Adjustments After a Car Accident

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If you’ve recently been in a car accident, then you should explore the benefits of seeing a chiropractor; many patients find that seeking chiropractic care after an accident can treat trauma and prevent further complications from common injuries such as whiplash. Some chiropractic clinics even focus on personal injury chiropractic. But if you’ve never gone to a chiropractor before, you’re likely to have some questions about your first treatment. Here are some of the most common questions about chiropractic adjustments, answered:

  1. Should I Wait Until I’m in Pain?

    After a car accident, it’s very difficult for you to assess whether you’ve been seriously injured. You may be sore enough that you can’t determine what will go away on its own and what needs treatment, or you may be so charged with adrenaline that you don’t feel any pain at all. Either way, it’s a good idea to come in and have a chiropractor make an objective assessment so any problems can be addressed as quickly as possible, before complications can ensue.

  2. Is It Supposed to Make That Sound?

    Chiropractic adjustments often make a popping noise, and you may be worried this indicates that it’s hard on your body. In reality, that sound is simply caused by gas bubbles being released in the joint, and is completely harmless. If the sound makes you uncomfortable, you can ask your practitioner to try to minimize it.

  3. Should I Feel Better Right Away?

    It’s hard to say whether you’ll get pain relief immediately after your first adjustment or not. Many patients do, but you should remember that muscle soreness will just take some time to diminish. You may also feel a little soreness caused by your treatment, though chiropractic adjustments themselves should not be painful.

  4. Will My Insurance Cover This?

    Yes, in most cases, chiropractic services are covered by insurance. Chiropractors can also document your treatment in case you need to submit a claim to an insurance company or pursue a personal injury case. It’s important that you choose a well-known and reputable chiropractor because this will strengthen your case.

  5. What Can I Do to Help My Recovery?

    In order to help your recovery along, you can ask your chiropractor for some exercises and stretches to carry out at home. These should help your body to reach ideal function sooner.

Have you been injured in a car accident, or sought chiropractic care for other reasons? Join the discussion in the comments.

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