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Why You Should Go to Your Doctor, Not The Emergency Room

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There are all kinds of barriers and excuses. Maybe you are sure how to find a primary care physician, can only afford a low cost clinic or you feel like 24 hr urgent care is just so much more convenient. There are valid but it’s important to remember the purpose of family health care: to build relationships and observe patterns over time.
If you went to your primary care physician every time you got sick, he or she would have a very good picture of your general health. Maybe they would notice that you are particularly susceptible to upper respiratory viruses and could suggest preventative measures. Maybe they would notice that your digestion is off and catch a problem early in its tracks. Primary care providers may never be as convenient as urgent care or a mobile health clinic, but they also provide a special connection that urgent care centers can’t.
While primary care may not be quite as convenient, they are working on it. Nearly 30% of primary doctors currently have after-hours options to accommodate their patients’ schedules. Nearly half of all people who wind up in the Emergency Room say that they went their because their physician was closed. One great qualifier for finding the physician who makes sense for you is finding one with hours that work. Also, keep in mind that if an issue is not life threatening, urgent care makes much more sense than the emergency room.
Maybe you’re sold on the idea of finding a doctor and building a relationship with them but you’re still not sure how to find a primary care physician. The best way is to ask your friends. If you have friends who love their doctor, you might love their doctor too. Referrals are a great way to get connected. Otherwise, take to Google. You should set 1-2 priorities and select based on those. For example: maybe you want a doctor who works after hours and has some background in heart health. That doctor is out there! Or maybe you want a doctor who is a woman and has an open minded approach to reproductive health. There is a doctor out there for that too. There are plenty of doctors out there. Go find the one that fits you and your unique needs.
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