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What You Need to Know About Eye Health

Eye sickness

It’s been said that eyes are window’s into a person’s soul. It’s true that our eyes are one our bodies most valuable assets, with our eyesight being one our most vital senses and one that we often take for granted. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the health of our eyes in order to prevent common disorders of the eye.

Preventing eye sickness begins with regular visits to the optometrist. This is essential in maintaining the health of your eyes and maintaining your vision. Common eye disorders can often be treated, if not completely healed, if detected early on before they enter into more severe stages. Optometrists do not only provide prescription corrective lenses and contacts, they also are experienced in the treatment and prevention common diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma and astigmatism.

Glaucoma is perhaps one the most common disorders of the eye, affecting nearly 2.2 million Americans. Glaucoma causes damage to one’s optic nerve due to a build of pressure, and over time may result in loss of vision. Glaucoma tends to be inherited, and many people are asymptomatic until later in life, after the disease has already progressed. An optometrist will be able to identify signs of glaucoma in its early stages, and develop a treatment plan accordingly.

Cataracts are also common disorders of the eye, and like glaucoma, typically develop with age. Cataracts are clouding of eye due to the build up of water and protein. This can affect one’s eyesight by producing the appearance of halos and glare, especially at night, causing blurred vision. Surgery can easily correct this problem. More information like this.

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