Cabell Huntington Hospital sued over cleaning of wound

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Cabell Huntington Hospital sued over cleaning of wound
Clyde Mitchell Copley went to Huntington Hospital for cleaning his wound but he he was not treated well.  He said to the Cabell Circuit Court while filing his complaint that a physician of Huntington Hospital was not professionally a doctor. He failed to clean his wound which resulted in a big infection and foot surgery.

Copley said in his press briefing that “I was shifted to Three Rivers Medical Center in Louisa, Ky. Where doctors evaluated my wound and said to me that they would transport me to Cabell due to lack of orthopedist availability”. He further said that he had reached the hospital at around 10:21 p.m. on Dec. 9, 2011 and his orthopedic consultation took place 1 a.m. on Dec. 10, 2011.

It is mentioned in the suit that the physician had noted that his wound was clear however the hospital authorities discharged him in one hour. He claims that after the passage of 3 days, the condition of his wound was brutal and there was swelling on his left ankle. Later on, the litigator was admitted he underwent foot wound and left ankle incision.

Furthermore, it is mentioned in the suit that Copley was visiting the Three Rivers Medical Center for many months to heal his wound and he was not properly cured by the physician of Huntington Hospital. He claims that the physician did not remove the grass of his wound which caused the foot infection however he had to undergo foot surgery.

Last but not the least he is being represented by Michael C. Walker of Cyrus & Adkins and the case is being heard by Circuit Judge David M. Pancake. Copley has filed his suit for compensatory damages and looking for his pre and post judgment interests.

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