Ways to Minimize Stress

    Stay healthy

    All of us want to keep in great health, but most of us would like to avoid going to the doctor any more than possible. In fact, we want to avoid it so much that we don?t go for a lot of issues that we think of as common. Take migraines, for example. Migraines are quite common, but remain undertreated in half of patients, and less than half of migraine sufferers consult a doctor about the problem. This despite the fact that depression is three times more common in people who experience severe headaches than in other people.

    Then there are anxiety disorders, which also harm our health but are often ignored as ?normal.? Everyone has one, we think. In a way we?re right: Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America. About 18% of us have one, yet only a third of those get any treatment.

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    Do You Suffer from an Unseen Illness? Try Holistic Treatment

    Natural health center

    In Western medicine, we focus a lot of our attention on treating the symptoms of root problems that actually require far more energy and healing thought. What’s even worse, we tend to treat these symptoms with inorganic pharmaceuticals, and turn our noses up at ailments we can’t see.
    But what if we focused more of our energy and healing capabilities on ways to stay healthy? What if relaxing our internal energy and healing before we got really sick was how we stayed healthy in the first place? Many holistic health practitioners for example agree that leading a healthier life and following good Continue Reading