Troubled by Frequent Aches and Pains? Apply a Pain Patch

    Upper back pain relief

    Aches and pains are very much a part of daily life. Like many people, you may notice that you have developed some back pain after a long day, realize that you’re regularly taking pain medication for your neck pain, or that you have foot pain after a long day of walking and standing. If your loved ones notice and comment, you probably brush it off with a joke about how old you’re getting. But the truth is that your pain could be resulting from a variety of factors, from overwork to stress or even arthritis. Worst of all, your discomfort is probably making it difficult for you to complete even the most basic tasks.

    If this sounds familiar to you, you may have resigned yourself to a life of aches and frequent dosages of me Continue Reading

    Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care and Beauty Products

    Men face care products

    It’s tempting to buy the new hottest thing in skin or hair care, but have you checked the ingredients? If your beauty regimen isn’t all natural, it can be hard to know if you’re doing more harm than good. Here are just a few ingredients to avoid in skin care:

    Alcohol, Isopropyl, or (SD-40) is a dehydrator and solvent that irritates your skin, stripping its natural immune barrier and moisture content. Over time, it can increase your vulnerability to viruses, bacteria and mold. It comes from a petroleum derivative called propylene, which is found in everything from shampoo to antifreeze. It can put your skin at risk for damage from other harsh chemicals and can spot skin and age it prematurely.

    Triethanolamine, diethanolamine and monoethanolamine, also known as TEA, DEA and MEA, Continue Reading

    Want a Perfect Smile? Consider In-Office Teeth Whitening

    Procedures family dental service

    Your smile is one of your greatest features, and many people work hard to keep up good dental habits in order to keep a healthy smile. Over 60% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 went to a dental checkup in 2012, and we spend about $775 million on toothbrushes every year. About 50% of people in the U.S. also floss their teeth on a daily basis. Brushing your teeth, flossing and visiting your dentist on a regular basis are great ways to maintain healthy teeth, but sometimes they can’t quite give you the perfect smile you might be looking for.
    Having bright, white teeth helps people feel confident about their smile, and sometimes it takes more than having good dental habits to get that perfect look. Drinking coffee, tea and other beverages that are dark in color can contribute to stain Continue Reading

    Why You Should Start Cooking With Pollen

    Spices as gifts

    Almost any cook worth their salt knows that spices and seasonings are often the most important ingredients in a recipe. From dill spices to fennel seeds, the right seasoning can enhance the flavor and experience of any dish or drink, from your appetizers to your main course and desert. But what if there was a better way to spice up your meals, an ingredient that tasted fresher and was used by many of the best chefs as a result? Get ready to improve even your simplest recipes with an easy switch: trade in your basic spices for wild crafted pollens.

    While we may typically associate pollen with allergies and asthma symptoms, pollen seasonings have been used in food for years and do not cause reactions. These ingredients were first used in Italy, where cooks traditionally cooked dill pollen into a variety of Continue Reading

    Dispelling Four Common Myths About Pregnancy Massage

    Hot stone warmer

    As any pregnant woman can tell you, a foot massage during pregnancy feels absolutely wonderful. Carrying around all that extra weight puts extra strain on the feet, so it’s nicee to give those feet a little pampering every once in awhile, but why limit the pampering to a just a pregnancy foot massage, when a full-body massage would feel even more wonderful?

    Women tend to be a little hesitant about getting a massage during pregnancy, because they are afraid they will harm themselves or the baby. But there are a lot of accommodations that can be made to keep the pregnant patient and her baby healthy and safe. We’ll dispel some common pregnancy massage myths for you below.

    1. Pregnant Women Can’t Lay Face Down – While it is indeed unsafe for a pregnant woman to lay face down on Continue Reading

    The Beauty And Science Behind Botox Treatments

    Juvederm injections

    Americans are living longer, healthier lives than generations past. As a result, more and more Americans are turning to cosmetic treatments in order to slow, if not prevent, the signs of aging.

    Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. “Botox relaxes your facial appearance to restore a smoother, more youthful appearance. It only takes a small amount of Botox, and combined with topical anesthetics, Botox can be completely painless,” according to Dr. Janis Campbell, Dermatologist at Laser Rejuvenation Clinic and Spa of Calgary.

    Botox is a purified toxin of the bacteria that causes botulism, a rare paralytic illness. However, patients receiving Botox treatments are at no risk of contracting this disorder

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    Three Common Myths About Senior Assisted Living

    Nursing homes in bloomington il

    Senior assisted living communities can be a great opportunity for seniors, as they are able to downsize into a more manageable space and avoid the hassles of living on one’s own, while still maintaining their independence. However, there are some commonly believed myths about assisted living that can make some seniors hesitate when deciding whether or not a move to an assisted living home is right for them.

    1. Community living means losing independence. Most assisted living centers provide your choice of spacious apartments with different floor plans and separate entrances. You are free to furnish your apartment with your own furniture and personal items. The doors to your apartme Continue Reading

    Got Acne? Consider High Frequency Skin Care

    Red light therapy for wrinkles

    Acne affects 40-50 million Americans, and nearly 85% of people suffer from acne during their lifetimes. By the time they reach their mid-teens, over 40% of teenagers have acne or acne scarring.

    If you’re one of the many acne sufferers that’s tried countless acne treatments with no success, it may be time to look into high frequency acne treatments.

    High frequency treatment is used often in facial and scalp therapy. It’s non-invasive, safe, and gentle and many people find the sensation created by the current pleasant and comforting.

    High frequency skin care passes high-frequency currents (or Tesla currents) through electrodes filled with neon or argon gas to cr Continue Reading

    Urgent Medical Care Centers Continue To Gain Popularity

    Urgent care highlands ranch

    Urgent medical care facilities and urgent care clinics have become one of the fastest growing segments in the American healthcare system as demand for quality, affordable, and convenient healthcare continues to increase. In fact, urgent medical care facilities account for a whopping $14 billion in revenue annually in the United States. There are currently an estimated 8,000 urgent care facilities across the United States, with more continuing to open.

    Perhaps one of the leading factors in the rise of urgent care centers is the fact that they o Continue Reading

    How an Urgent Care Center Can Help You and Your Family

    First help urgent care clinic

    An estimated 20,000 doctors in the United States practice urgent care medicine, a form of medical care that focuses on providing immediate treatment for non-life-threatening ailments and injuries. These local doctors practice at medical walk in clinics that are spreading across the United States: called urgent care centers, these walk in clinics offer a variety of services and a number of benefits to their patients. Could urgent care be the right choice for treating your next medical problem? Read on to find out.

    Urgent care clinics are designed to treat injuries and illnesses that are not serious enough to warrant a trip to an emergency room but still require quick attention, therefore making it inadvisable to wait for the next available doctor’s appointment. Because of this, urgent care f Continue Reading

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