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When You Get Proton Beam Therapy

Cancer has long since stood as a major health problem, and cancerous cells and malignant tumors have been known to appear on a wide variety of tissues and organs across the human body. Cancer often proves deadly, and doctors and medical researchers have developed methods for fighting back. Some advanced cancer treatment options may include chemotherapy or full-body radiation, which…

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Proton Therapy for Brain Cancer

If you or someone you love is suffering from brain cancer, you are certainly very interested in every possible avenue of treatment. Here’s what you need to know about proton therapy and how proton therapy for brain cancer works. What is Cancer Proton Therapy? Proton therapy is a way of treating cancer with radiation. A proton is a charged particle…

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Proton Therapy is a Non Invasive Cancer Treatment

Proton therapy is a non- invasive cancer treatment that has many advantages over older conventional radiation therapy methods. It uses a high energy beam of protons to destroy the affected cells, but without the side effects seen in conventional radiation therapy. Proton treatment is considered the gold standard for treatment of many different kinds of cancers including pediatric cancers and…

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