Whats a Thread Lift Treatment?

Are you looking for the right non-surgical facelift? Then, you can capitalize on the thread lift treatment. But what does the thread lift treatment entail? The thread lift is a type of dissolvable suture that is made even from sugar, and it dissolves underneath your skin over time. Everywhere where a thread is placed creates a little bit of collagen and fibrosis so that the tissues can stay more lifted as you continue to do more threads.

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This procedure is a perfect remedy for aging. It helps you maintain that smooth face even as you advance in age. However, it needs to be performed by a professional. The procedure will deal with facial sagging. The procedure entails numbing, which is achieved through tumescence. Here, numbing is put under the skin, unlike topical numbing, which is different. The beauty of the former type of numbing is that it works immediately and is more effective. It will only last about an hour. However, you will need to put up with some pain during this procedure. There will be some stinging.

A kinetic vibration tool will be used so that the patient feels comfortable during the procedure. There is the use of nitrous, which is also referred to as laughing gas so that the patient is not in pain. The two types of thread techniques are scalp fixation and non-scalp fixation.

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