How Does a Thread Lift Treatment Work?

Thread lift treatment is a non-surgical facelift that reverses the signs of aging by using PDO threads to tighten the appearance of the face. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure also goes by lunchtime facelift because a qualified cosmetic surgeon can do it in 30 minutes to one hour. The YouTube video explains the topic in more detail.

The process starts with a consultation to determine if you’re a good fit for this procedure.

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A qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will assess your skin to determine if a thread lift treatment is a good option for you. It’s an opportunity for you to discuss your goals and concerns you may have regarding the treatment.

Your doctor may advise avoiding certain medications and supplements before treatment. Your surgeon will clean the area before inserting the threads. The doctor inserts the threads into the deeper layers of your skin at strategic locations. The threads feature materials that stimulate collagen production.

Once the threads are in place, the doctor gently pulls on them to lift the sagging skin back into place. It gives you a younger and more youthful appearance. The results are immediately visible. Is your goal younger-looking skin? This non-invasive treatment may help you achieve your goals. Speak to a qualified professional to see if a thread lift is the right treatment for you.

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