What Does a Physiatrist Do?

Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from chronic pain in their day to day life. This can lead to tiredness, sadness, and even depression. If you have developed chronic pain, you may have lost all hope of getting your life back to the way it was. Thankfully, you are not out of options. A Physiatrist is a medical professional that specialize in treating a wide variety in chronic pain causes.

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Physiatrists treat things such as spinal chord injuries, orthopedic injuries, brain injuries, and stroke. All of these injuries can result in chronic pain. A physiatrist aims to target the source of the pain when developing a treatment plan. Each plan is unique to each individual and their needs. The goal is to eliminate or lessen the chronic pain so that the individual can get back to their normal life. It doesn’t matter how young or old the patient is, a physiatrist can and will treat anyone.

Some of the remedies that a physiatrist may use are injections, braces, medication, and therapeutic exercises. It is really a comprehensive plan where every aspect of a patient’s health is considered. If you want to help people as a physiatrist, consider contacting a physiatry recruitment service today.


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