What is Fact or Fiction When it Comes to Seasonal Allergies

Having seasonal allergies can become very uncomfortable and annoying. In this video, Penn Medicine explains the facts and myths about seasonal allergies and how to take care of your seasonal allergies.

Adults can develop new allergies because the older our bodies get, the weaker our immune system grows, which causes our bodies to develop new allergies that we haven’t had before or reoccurring allergies we had as children.

Unfortunately, local honey does not relieve allergy symptoms. It can, however, help towards local allergies because of the flower pollen that is one of the least common allergies found.

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In contrast, pollen from grass, trees and weeds can cause more common allergies. Over-the-counter medication will help best with these kinds of allergies.

Using nasal decongestant sprays long term can cause serious harm due to the chemicals they contain. These sprays cause the blood vessels in your nose to become dependent on the medication and can eventually cause more severe nasal problems if used frequently.

Instead, try oral medications or supportive treatment for seasonal allergies. Still unsure of what to do, contact your primary care provider and ask for advice on treating seasonal allergies.

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