What To Expect At Your First Chiropractor Appointment

In this video, Kalkstein Chiropractic speaks with Ted, a Maryland firefighter who traveled, seeing severe neck stiffness and trigger point discomfort in his upper left arm. He hoped the pain would go away by itself, but it didn’t, so he got a chiropractor appointment and looked out for solution.
Chiropractic realignment, commonly known as alternative therapies, is a well-known and widely used pain relief treatment for the various lower spine, sciatica, and cervical pain conditions.

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Ted’s concerns were addressed, and also, the doctor told him some inquiries. We do because every aspect of each chiropractic treatment is customized to what you’re going through and what you require. Then we did a physical checkup on Ted to figure out what problems he was having.
Ted was completely unaware that his forearm was severely weakened. He was startled by how little power he had in his left arm after we ran the muscular endurance test on it. We discovered knots on the rear of the clavicle and the top of the adductor muscles. According to our findings, Ted could only move his head around 50 degrees towards the left and 60 degrees to the right. So feel free to have a chiropractor appointment and avoid any pain.

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