Causes of and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Too many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. This condition can affect their relationships and self esteem. But erectile dysfunction is never someone’s fault. It has many physical causes, and doctors offer quite a few treatment options for it, too.

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Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction are actually problems with the cardiovascular system. If blood isn’t flowing properly throughout the body, it can contribute to or cause erectile dysfunction. Other causes include oral medications, including antidepressants, and surgical procedures, like those used to treat prostate cancer.

Once the cause has been determined, doctors can treat erectile dysfunction in a variety of ways. First-line treatment options include oral medications. They work for up to 75% of men. Doctors can also prescribe injections, intra-urethral gels, surgical implants, and prosthetics. By working with a men’s health doctor, a man can get a treatment that resolves the problem underlying his erectile dysfunction.

Doctors also note that erectile dysfunction can be both physical and psychological. They may recommend therapy to address any mental blocks that could be contributing to the issue. By targeting all of the possible causes of a man’s erectile dysfunction, they can ensure that the combined treatment is as effective as possible.

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